Many issues require the expertise of a plumber to resolve. This includes septic tank pumping, new pipe installation, leak repair, and many others. Do not hire the first company that you find to handle your plumbing needs. There are many fox valley plumbing companies around and they’re not all created the same. Look for a company that offers the qualities you expect and minimize hassle. What are those qualities?

Services: Make sure the plumbing company offers a wide range of services. You need one plumber to phone for all of your problems, not many. Make sure the list of services is extensive and covers your needs.

License & Insurance: Choose a plumbing company that hires employees that has taken the time to earn a license and insurance. Without these things, it is anyone’s guess the type of work you’ll find at the end of the job.

Expertise: The company you hire should have plumbing experts on hand. They should be able to handle minor and major plumbing issues with the same expertise as the next. Do not hire otherwise.

Experience: Experience does matter, especially when there is a plumbing job on hand. Make sure the company you hire has been handling residential plumbing needs for some time and get added comfort in the work.

Low Costs: A good plumbing company wants to profit, but they also understand the importance of giving customers a good deal. Make sure you hire a plumbing professional that has competitive rates with others in the area.

Professionalism: Look for a professional plumber who is prompt, replies to emails and calls, and who seems genuinely interested in your work. Otherwise, you may hire someone who cuts corners and wants only to make a quick dollar.

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Reputation: Look for reviews and information online to learn the reputation of the plumber. Also check with professional organizations to learn what they say. The more that you know about the plumber’s reputation the better.